In the last year, I have done something that I never expected that I would do. Being the girlie-girl I am, I have more make up than a CVS and know how to use hair spray for things that would probably be a shock to Paul Mitchell. I remember hearing about people who would cut out their use of chemicals from their day to day lives and think, “why”? I have officially become THAT person and am so happy! In the last year, I have made bi-monthly changes to my life to cut out some chemicals and trust me, every one around me including myself, are beyond amazed.

After going through a rough summer last year in terms of my health, I decided I was going to make majoy changes. And after experiencing some rashes on my face, I hopped on this beast of a machine called the internet and did some homework. I was blown away at what I learned and will probably never be able to make ALL the changes I would like to in my life, but try to change one thing – on very little thing every other or few months.

SO what all have I stopped using and what do I now make from products found in my kitchen? Here’s my list!

Body Lotion, Wash & Scrub


Hair Conditioner


Face Wash, Lotion & Masks – and other facial products

Laundry Detergent


Cleaning Products such as “cleaning wipes” – think Clorox, and cleaning liquid/spray – think Clorox CleanUp

Over the next few days, I’d like to share with you the recipe for each product, the information as to why I switched and my experience since using these homemade health products. I’ll try to use pictures as much as possible to show the process and give you a really solid idea of how the process works.

Also, I have a little surprise for you on Saturday! So expect a weekend full of posts and some really interesting reading all about chemicals and our health.

Do you use any “non-conventional” products in your house? If so, what? Have any thing specific that isn’t on the list above you want more information on? Let me know and I’ll add it to this little series I’m calling “Homemade Health”.


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