5 Recipes & a Question

Happy Friday, today is a little more about Juicing. I have 5 recipes for you to give a try and the answer to another question. So let’s go!

My first juice recipe for you is Hello Haul and I love to make it when I am feeling either bloated or after a good workout!

Hydration Haul: 1 Cucumber, the juice of a lemon (not directly in the juice but hand squeezed), a dash of parsley, 2 Cups of Lettuce, 1 Apple, and about 3-4 oz. Coconut Water.

After using this a few time, I found out that coconut water comes flavored now. That might be a great little kick of flavor as well in what ever way you want. I have seen pineapple, mango and many other flavors.

The Mean Green is my go-to, bulk juice. Headache? Mean Green. Hungry? Mean Green. Constipated? Mean Green.

Mean Green: 3 Cups of Green (Kale, spinach, mustard, what ever you like or a bit of all), 1 LARGE Cucumber, 2 stalks of Celery, 1 Green pepper, about a Cup of broccoli stems, and 1 green apple.

People are always thrown by the broccoli stems but they are delicious! They actually taste sweet, just make sure that they are well washed and not discolored. If the stems do have any spots on them, simply cut them out or use a potato peeler on them.

I explored and made the Potassium Packer is because I went through a season of charlie-horses. It didn’t matter if I did cardio or strength exercise, it seemed like I had charlie-horses every night. This guy definitely fixes that problem.

Potassium Packer: Peppers, Cucumber, Apple, Celery, Broccoli, and a Banana.

The reason I don’t have exact numbers on the items above is because depending on the size and ripeness of your banana, well that determines how much you will need of the other items. The more ripe your Banana is and the larger it is, the more of the water (juice) from the other items you will need to cut the thickness and sweetness of the Banana. Also, don’t juice the Banana, instead juice everything else and the place those contents as well as the banana into a blender.

Due to my tendancy to have low iron, this is the most played around with recipe I have come up with for Juicing.

Iron Infusion: 1 Medium Beet, 2 Cups Spinach, 1 Medium Tomato, 1 Stalk Celery, 1 Large Cucumber, 1 Red or Orange Bell Pepper

Iron is high in both beet (which by the way is unbelievably sweet, smooth and creamy) and spinach. But for that iron to be absorbed, Vitamin C is needed… welcome Tomato and Red/Orange Bell Peppers!

Lastly, the Immune Booster – great for anything from a busy week to cold and/or flu like symptoms.

Immune Booster: 1 Large Orange, 1 Apple, 2 Large Carrots, 1 Pear, Lemon and/or Lime juice, and minced garlic.

When making this bad boy, go ahead and juice in your juicer the orange, apple, carrots and pear. Then hand squeeze the lemon and/or lime juice and stir in finely minced garlic. The reason for the garlic is that it is a natural anti-biotic and will help and lingering bacteria in your system find it’s way out.

Now for that question… some one asked me if it would be ok to do a hybrid juice fast and how that might be planned out.

– Like I said , I believe yesterday, juice fasting can go any way you want it. SO if you aren’t looking to do a long juice and just want to give your body a kick start, well it may look something like this.

Day 1-3: Juice ONLY fruits and vegetables

Day 4 & 5: introduce raw nuts

Day 6 & 7: introduce organic chicken, lamb and game meats

Day 8 – 10: introduce quinoa and rice

Day 11-14: continue eating what is above

After 2 weeks ( day 14) all other foods can be introduced in the order and time that you would like. If the juicing fast is being done as an elimination diet, introduce foods slowly and pay attention to how you feel when doing so.

I hope you can try out some of these recipes and please keep the questions coming!


4 thoughts on “5 Recipes & a Question

  1. I like the immune booster recipe and will have to try this on my son Jared because his immune system always needs a kick. Doctors only recommend supplements like Vitamin C or Airborne but he doesn’t like the taste of them.
    Thanks for the info.

      • Does he have a weak immune system or does he just like the taste?
        I am going to try to whip that up today and give it to him. I’ll let you know if he likes it or not.

      • Hi Jen,
        Sorry about the late response. He has a weak immune system. He wasn’t born her but immigrated over right around the start of puberty, and my hypothesis is that when he first came over to America – healthy, they pumped him full of all kinds of vaccines and it more or less crushed his immune system. Since him and I met, he has made some great changes to his diet and his immune system has increased it’s ability leaps and bounds. He also does like the taste of the juices too. Good luck with yours!

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