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Hello dear readers. I am very sorry for the lack of post’s that has been happening. My computer has been sick – and I am far from technology savvy so that pretty much means I’ve been staring at it hoping it just magically get’s fixed. Thankfully I have a boyfriend who lives for technology and he was able to help me stop staring and start problem solving.

Anyways… on top of my computer being out of order I’ve been up to a bit of a project myself. I’m on day 3 of a two-week juice fast. Actually, that’s a bit misleading. I’m juicing (not the steroid kind of juicing), and eating fruits and vegetables both raw and cooked and popping a few walnuts in my mouth here and there.

The reason for this madness is that, well first off I love it and find juicing or cleanses of any sort fun, but also because I have felt so yucky lately. I have these weird food allergies/intolerance’s and when I don’t take care of them I get terrible I.B.S. and other weird things. Let me explain…

I have an allergy to yeast, and when I eat it I end up with hormonal craziness. My reactions can be anything from bloating to gross sores in my mouth, mild skin rashes to moodiness. It’s not cool at all. I also get terrible I.B.S. from wheat and diary. This is not self diagnosed, this is physician diagnosed – my mom as there when it happened. I had a blood test to see if it was Celiac Disease and that came back positive but my biopsy came back negative so who knows what is going on with that. What I am certain of is that when I eat wheat and dairy all the time, well it does me NO good! I get bloated and hormonal, unbelievably gassy – not like I have to fart gas, like it sounds as if my stomach is going to explode and hello pain. Also, when I don’t take care of these food intolerance’s, I become extremely iron deficient.

** Science moment – in our intestines we have these things called cilia on our intestinal lining and they help absorb nutrients, move food along and other cool things. Well when you have I.B.S. or Celiac disease the cilia get matted down and can’t do their job! Hello nutrients not getting absorbed and constipation or even diarrhea because of lack of movements or to much! No good – right! **

Lately, I haven’t been taking care of myself like I should. Between mothers day weekend, Greek Orthodox Easter, Birthdays, Baby Showers and other life events, well I’ve been eating a lot of bread and cheese! And it isn’t working well for my body. So a 2 week fruit and veggie  cleanse it is! And honestly, because I haven’t cleared 3 days yet, I hate it. But I’m sure I’ll be singing a different song tomorrow. I don’t know why but things always get better after day 3. Oh and let me tell you, day 1 brought me a terrible migraine which just confirms how much my body is needing this.

So anyways, that’s life this week, It’s good! It’s busy and I’m learning. I’m going to work on a few juice recipes later today and will post them tomorrow. Also, I am reading an amazing book right that I can’t wait to share with you all. It comes with a diet plan (28 days long) and I will be giving it a shot.

Since we are on the topic, have you every juiced?

If so what’s your favorite recipe?

Also, with early summer here, try to get in some more veggies. They are so good for you in so many ways. Start our by just adding an extra serving in everyday and see where that leads you!


8 thoughts on “Juice LOVE

  1. I love your posts and lately I was wondering why you haven’t posted. Glad to hear that you are doing well and keep us updated how your project goes.

    I have been thinking about juicing myself lately but do not have the “umphh” to actually do it. If I were to do it I would do something similar like yours but add some sort of yougurt to my diet because it gives me the extra kick to eat away the bad bacteria that are residing in my intestines and truly detox the system. Do you think thats a good idea?

    • Hi Jen, the reason I don’t do yogurt is only because of my sensitivity to dairy. But definitely check with your doctor before doing any type of extreme juicing cleanse. Just so that you know it won’t effect any pre-existing medical conditions. As long as your Dr. is ok with it, any juicing plan can be modified to your liking an/or needs. ANd if you have a digestion need for yogurt than definitely go for it. In the mean time I will do a little research on what fruits and/or vegetables would help with that intestinal issue.

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