The Cave Man Diet

A lot of talk has been happening over this whole cave man diet thing… I’m sure many of you have heard about it, it’s called the Paleo diet and it’s quite controversial.

The Paleo diet is based on what many people believe to be available to our ancestors (or what most people believe to be our ancestors), the cave men. The base of the diet is meat, fruit and vegetables with nuts. No dairy, no grains, and nothing processed. The idea is that hunter and gatherer communities do not suffer from diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other recently discovered diseases. Instead, the belief is that before the industrialization of America, people lived healthy lives. With the exception of severe illnesses such as plagues and polio like disease, people did not have health issues at the age of 40.

Whether you agree or disagree, the concept is very interesting and worth taking a look at. And please, let me also say that I think the paleo diet (just like all other diets) has it’s pros and cons.

So if the idea is to eat whole foods that come from nature what are the real rules to this game? I found this great flow chart that makes perfect sense of the paleo diet!

I love that chart, specifically because it is so easy to understand!

But in complete seriousness, here is a list of foods that are acceptable to eat while following the paleo diet.

– Meat: Lean meats, anything from wild game, to poultry, beef, pork and seafood too.

– Fats and Oils: the key here is that if it’s found in nature it’s fair game… think animal fats, nut oils, olive oil, avocado oil and butter

– Eggs: from anything really

– Vegetables: everything except corn and white potatoes

– Fruits: nothing is a “no” but do remember that fruits contain sugars which should be regulated

– Nuts: everything is fair game, however nuts are generally high in calorie which should be taken into consideration

– Spices and Herbs

Here is a meal plan I found that lays out a week worth of the paleo diet

The cool thing about the Paleo diet is that despite all the loud gasping that takes place when people here about the large amount of fats consumed and their immediate confusion or better yet anger because we all know that in America “Fat is BAD”, research so far is saying that the right types of fat in our diet in large quantities actually is curing disease.

So please do me a HUGE favor and look at the links below and for a few minutes just consider what the research is saying to be true. Then judge away make an educated opinion for yourself, because after all I’m not a dietitian and this information is not meant to diagnose, cure or treat but rather meant to share my opinion and experiences with you!

Robb Wolf’s website                          Paleo diet and M.S.                        Paleo diet and Diabetes                          General Studies on the Paleo diet

Sorry if the images are to small to read, click on the “pinterest” link below each picture to view them in original context.


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