Portion Control

I feel like the topic of Portion Control is one that is rarely talked about. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the real issue with weight loss not being effective in our society.

The reason behind my thinking has to do with the vast number of diets currently being used. Between South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, the Low-Fat Diet, Weight Watchers and so many more, well portion control isn’t talked about! And Instead, food groups are talked about. Now, I think the fact that those foods groups are being talked about is wonderful, I’m just not sure if we are understanding the big picture.

Let me stop for a moment and say two things please. I am NOT a dietitian  This post, like all others are simply my observations, experiences, and opinion. Secondly, I am not basking any diet. I think all diets are like everything else in life, each one has it’s pros and cons and non are perfect.

Back to diets! Atkins diet tells you that you can eat whatever you want and how ever much you want as long as it isn’t carbs. Low-fat diet says the same thing, just don’t eat eat. Weight Watchers does a better job of talking about controlling your intake but let’s face it, you can eat all of your points in ice cream or Doritos if you want and still “lose weight”.

Then there are the calorie counters… again, in my opinion close, but no cigar! Eat fewer calories every day than your burn and lose weight! Right? Not quite.

No matter what diet you use to navigate your weight loss, portion control is vital. It may not be vital in your initial period of weight loss, but it sure is for those last 10 pounds, and even more so for weight loss maintenance.

So what is a portion?

Portion Control

I absolutely love this chart. I find it applicable because, well… most of us all have a hand or two.

If this doesn’t work for you, here is another great tool!


And with this plate, remember that starches can be fruits. That’s because fruit has the fiber and sugar that is in the starch.

Something else to consider are the portion of your snacking. If you have been trying to lose weight but are struggling with it, consider your snacks between meals. I personally am a snacker and think it’s a good thing. However just because something is small in size, well that doesn’t mean that the calories are few. In fact, things like a small bag of trail mix or a banana with peanut butter can have a lot more calories than you would think. It’s important to look or the calories and maco-nutrient information to make sure you aren’t ingesting more than you can afford.

Do you already use a special chart/tool/resource to make sure your portions are reasonable for your health and weight goals?

If so, please share!

* I do not agree or disagree with any of the diets mentioned above. I think each one has research behind them that prove to be powerful in weight management and health improvement. *


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