Eating On The Go

Despite my request for it to be, life is not perfect! This last week alone brought me a trip to the airport to drop of Al (my boyfriend) and then another to pick him up. We were also graced with a fender bender! Little Princess (the 5 year old I take care of) and I were able to make it to the zoo for a sunny day trip and we also had a few play dates.

Since it’s all over, it was a good week. The reason I wouldn’t classify it as great – other than the obvious above – is the fact that my eating was terribly off. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that yesterday was the Greek Orthodox Easter (Al’s family celebrates it), which meant only one thing; bread and wine galore!!!

To top it off, I have some lovely food allergies. They come in the form of yeast, wheat, and dairy. I’m sure you have heard the saying “Fail to plan, plan to fail”. And I can attest to this. For me, and my stage of life, my best bet is to take a good chunk of time every other week to plan, plan, plan and cook, cook, cook! Because I’ve learned that if I don’t plan, then I’m almost guaranteed to feel sick, tired, and like my pants don’t fit.

I highly doubt you have NEVER heard someone say that they plan out their meals before hand but what does that mean?

Well, it means that I take out my planner and write down (after some website browsing and food dreaming) 12 meals that I want to cook. The reason for the number 12 is that I cook doubles of dinner so that I can eat them the next day for lunch. Also, realistically I eat away from home once a week whether at a family members house or at a restaurant. During each bi-weekly plan I make,  I also eat the same in-between-meal snacks every day. For instance, this week my between lunch and dinner snack are 2 energy bites. Then I keep on hand (in my purse) a piece of fruit in case I get hungry between breakfast and lunch and breakfast usually consist of coconut flour pancakes.

Since the planning is done, next comes the prep work. After planning my meals, I make a grocery shopping list based on my plan. Once I am home from the store, I freeze things according to the amount I am going to cook at a time. I also make my batch of pancakes and my energy bites in advance and then store them in the refrigerator and freezer.

Every morning after my cardio, I pull out the meat that I am going to use for dinner. While cooking dinner, I usually throw that piece of fruit I was talking about into my purse for the next day. After eating dinner, I put the extra serving of dinner in it’s appropriate container for the next days lunch.

When I first started doing this, it was very difficult. Over time though, I have developed a routine and it almost get’s done without thinking. In fact, I recently created a word-document to help me in my planning and I thought I would share it with you.

Food – Meal Planner

I am more than confident that with a little bit of effort, anyone can be successful at meal planning.

Maybe you already meal plan. If you do how do you set up your routine?




6 thoughts on “Eating On The Go

  1. You are so right Leah that it is so easy to get off the track when it comes to eating right.
    Temptation can be so easy to come by especially during holidays.
    Thanks for the calendar tip. I will attempt to use one.

    • Tammy, if you look at the blog where I talk about Energy Bites a link is available on the actual words. Click on it and a recipe and description for them will be found. They are pretty much just a very raw and whole food ball of energy bar, if that makes any sense.

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