Coconut Oil

I roast my vegetables in it and use it when baking my muffins.

I moisturize my skin with it, and I deep condition my hair with it.

I even use it to brush my teeth.

Coconut Oil is nothing new. In fact, if you go to places like Asia and the Mediterranean area Coconut Oil is a staple to both their diets as well as lifestyle uses. In the United States, back in the 90’s, coconut oil was made out to be quite the bad guy. It was claimed to be artery-clogging and cholesterol raising. When in fact, those claims are not true. On top of that, Coconut Oil is natural SPF 20. When you consider that as well as that it doesn’t clog pores or have any secret or un-pronounceable ingredients, well why not use Coconut Oil?

So what’s the deal with those claims made back in the 90’s? According to the New York Times, Coconut Oil is only harmful to your health when it IS NOT virgin. Also, another piece of information to look for are the words “partially hydrogenated”. Stay away at all cost the partially hydrogenated, which create trans fats and coconut oil will be your new best friend.

So let’s get back to the coconut oil truths…

1. Coconut Oil fights tooth decay – hence my use as toothpaste.

2. Coconut Oil contains certain fatty-acid chains that are believe to be anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, AND boost your metabolism.

3.  Because coconut oil is full of anti-oxidants and those fatty-acid chains, it’s also believed to rebuild tissue – can you say goodbye wrinkles!

4. Coconut Oil has been a huge part of the recent breakthroughs in both AIDS research as well as Alzheimer’s research.

I love Coconut Oil and feel that it has changed my life. Since switching from an over the counter moisturizer to coconut oil, my skin no longer breaks out. Since using a homemade toothpaste rather than the chemical filled and fluoride loaded name brand from the store, 2 of my cavities have healed themselves. I no longer purchase sun screen for the summer time because coconut oil not only smells better, feels better and is less expensive but also has ZERO chemicals in it to hurt my skin. Many of my recipes that call for butter, well I simply sway that out for coconut oil and my stomach is thanking me for it daily. I also love how many people compliment me on my skinny long hair and that is all in thanks to coconut oil!

So give coconut oil a shot! If you already do, what has been your experience with it?

**I am not trying to treat, diagnose or cure anyone or any of their sicknesses and disease, I am simply just sharing my opinion and personal experience with this product. I also HAVE NOT been paid by any company to highlight or represent their product.**

6 thoughts on “Coconut Oil

  1. I love your posts. I had no idea about the wonderful uses of coconut oil. Blows me away that it is helpful in so many things.

    • Hi Jen! Thank you so much for your feedback on my posts, I really appreciate it. I had no idea about the benefits of Coconut Oil either which is why I was so eager to share my thoughts with you. I stock up on it now!

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