A Purposeful Breakfast

Everyone already knows the importance of breakfast. Actually, let me re-phrase that… everyone has already been told that breakfast is important. But do we really know why? Does it really start our metabolism? Will it help you lose that belly fat?

I thought today, some of those questions could be answered. Not answered based on my opinion but pure fact.


1. Does eating breakfast really start your metabolism for the day?

I read one study that I thought put the answer to this question in terms wonderfully. Here, it is described that our bodies must be woken up everyday from their night of shut down mode in which our bodies do a lot of internal cell work – think new blood cells and other subconscious tasks. When we wake up to crying children or a nagging family member  our bodies have yet to really be turned on. To really flip the switch, food AND water must be consumed for true “go” mode to be started. This is much to do with the fact that consuming food requires the processes of digestion and absorption to occur. These processes require help from many places including, your nervous system, muscular system, digestive system, endocrine system, and circulatory system. See how eating food really get’s things happening, because that’s just the beginning…

2. So what does this mean for loosing belly fat?

Belly fat is usually extra fat that is on the body that is put there from poor eating choices and lack of exercise, rather than fat on the hips and but that is more controlled by hormones… USUALLY. So what does this mean about loosing belly fat and how eating breakfast can help you do so? Recently, a study came out from the Imperial College of London that shed some very interesting light on how fighting  belly fat with breakfast is much more mental than physiological. The article took subjects and tracked their responses to images of food as well as whether or not they ate breakfast that morning. After many days, many participants, and many images of food, the results showed that those who didn’t eat breakfast went to the images that showed high sugar AND high fat foods as well as claimed they would eat the larger portions of the items.

3. What if my child (and their parent) doesn’t like eating breakfast.

Breakfast doesn’t need to be hard, and it doesn’t need to be big. Anything from a granola bar to an apple, even some of last nights dinner will do the job. The point is that you are waking up and within reasonable time (think an hour), you are putting food into your mouth to wake up all of your beautiful body systems.

4. My family eats breakfast, we LOVE breakfast! So why aren’t we all thin?

If you are a breakfast lover, well first off that is great and kudos’ to you for doing something that most people don’t do any more. But there is always more improvement that can be made! Here is a great article about some of the hidden dangers in our favorite breakfasts.

Think quality when it comes to your morning bites and try something new.  Maybe look at your current breakfast and see what the macro-nutrients are. Are all of the carbohydrates sugars on the package? Are there more grams of fat than anything else? Make a change in the quality of breakfast you are getting. And if you are doing well in the macro-nutrient area as well, consider looking into eating a breakfast that is made of only whole foods, or even opt for only organic ingredients in your breakfast.

Over time, the lifestyle choices you make to change your health will eventually pay off on the scale, until them (if that is your goal), try to focus on how making healthier decisions impact the way your feel when you wake up, or after climbing a flight of stairs.

For anyone else looking for more information on how breakfast impacts you, here are a few more great articles.



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